VIDEO: Former 'Turtle Talk with Crush' actor in distress gets huge Twitch following after his good deed goes viral

A TikTok video captured the moment a former Turtle Talk with Crush voice actor received a big surprise from a brand new follower.

Former Turtle Talk voice actor with Crush experiences big surprise during Twitch stream

TikTok user @pudgykindness shared a video of an interaction between themselves and Twitch streamer @chetter72. Pudgykindness was scrolling through Twitch, watching streams with no viewers, when they decided to join the stream hosted by @chetter72.

Using the Twitch handle @KindPenguin7, TikTok user chetter72 followed and then asked him why he started streaming. His response was as follows:

My whole career was fun. I worked at Disneyland and had one of the coolest jobs ever. I was the voice of Crush the turtle on Turtle Talk with Crush Show and that ended abruptly.

Animated sea turtle swimming underwater with a group of smaller turtles in the background. It features a father leading his children. The scene shows a clear blue sea and some corals on the left side.

He then explained that his time on the show came to an abrupt end due to medical reasons that kept him from working. When KindPenguin7 mentioned that it was his birthday, chetter72 started singing “Happy Hatch Day” from Turtle Talk with Crush.

KingPenguin7 then sent $450 to Chetter72 and simply said, “I love you, man.” This action visibly touched Chetter72, as he began to shift in his chair and shake with excitement.

When the video was shared, chetter72 had 101 followers. Thanks to the original video shared by pudgykindness, which garnered 21.8 million views, chetter72 now has 121,000 followers.

The last time we shared a story from TikTok, it was about guests drinking the water at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This story makes us, and certainly those involved, feel a lot better.

What do you think of this kind gesture on social media?

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Phil Wood