Red Sox forward Triston Casas tells the story of his father's arrest during an interview during the game

Boston Red Sox first baseman Triston Casas was wired for an interview with ESPN during Sunday night baseballand he decided to tell a rather bizarre story about his father on Father's Day.

Rather than tell an uplifting story about his father, Casas chose to recount a moment from his time in Little League when his father was arrested at one of his games. The Red Sox slugger said he learned a valuable lesson from the incident, which he shared during the national broadcast of Sunday's game against the New York Yankees.

“When I was in Little League… I must have been six or seven… I came out one day and went back to the dugout crying,” Casas explained. “So my dad, being the dad that he is, came and tried to teach me the lessons he had taught me in his own way. He came into the dugout, grabbed me by the shirt, dragged me to the line and threw me onto the field Looney Tunes style.”

“The mother of one of my best friends actually called child services on my father and had him arrested in the field. I see my father drive away in the police car, get arrested and spend the night in jail,” he continued.

Casas said his father's arrest taught him a life lesson: he must always put his best foot forward and give his all for his teammates, even when he lacks motivation or feels bad.

The story of the young first baseman, who did not even take part in Sunday's game due to a rib injury, was a real rollercoaster ride.