Taylor Swift's mid-concert pizza delivery goes viral as Swiftie documents her understandable cravings

Tthe tradition of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour continued to grow with this video from a fan at their show in Liverpool, catch a glimpse of two pizza delivery men and tries to sneak in some freshly baked cakes for Taylor and her hard-working crew.

Taylor Swift gets Domino's Pizza delivery for Eras Tour

The 34-year-old pop star is currently taking the Great Britain in the storm with her Epoch TourLast weekend she played three shows at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotlandand last night she completed three more shows in Where is Liverpool, England At the Anfield Stadion.

Fans at Swift’s concerts have noticed that she Fast food orders for her and her crewwith a Swiftie Documentation of the last instance of a huge Domino's Pizza delivery in the middle of the show in Liverpool.

While Taylor was in Scotland, she is said to have hired Greggs to supply her team, and while she was there, a truck arrived at the stadium.

The comments on social media also provided

Video of delivery was posted by Swiftie Mollie Benson from Anfield on Tick ​​​​Tock. They asked, “What pizza do you think she ordered?” and the comments… were delivered.

One user dodged the taste but predicted another part of the order with a clever allusion: “With a side of”apparently ranch” Infant!”

“Imagine you have a delivery order and the location is 'Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Concert',” joked the popular commentwith over 38,000 likes.

“There was like 50 pizzas “I saw them going in,” a witness added to the story. “They JUST KEEP COMING.”

Others considered employees' different perspectives on the bulk orders: “If I were that Dominos employee, I would honestly just stay there and watch the concert.”

“Oh my god, I ordered Dominos that night and the man on the phone yelled at me that they had over 80 orders, no staff and the orders just kept coming in,” said another comment.

Overall, many Fans praised Swift as “so real” for their continued efforts, make sure your team stays fedAfter a short break, Taylor continues the international marathon tour in Cardiff, Wales and then rounds off the UK leg in London with three more nights in Wembley Arena.