Police arrest gunman after shooting near Jersey Shore motel corridor

DAYTON, OH — A federal grand jury has indicted the Midwest Regional “Boss” and 13 other members of the Thug Riders Motorcycle Club (TRMC) on charges of conspiracy to commit organized crime, including murder, arson, assault and racketeering. The indictment, filed on June 11, 2024, details a series of violent and criminal activities attributed to the club members, who were arrested on June 14, 2024.

According to the indictment, TRMC's Dayton branch committed numerous criminal acts to finance its business. Notable incidents include:

  • Blowing up a former member's vehicle in Huber Heights in May 2021.
  • Killing of a man during a shooting in Harrison Township in September 2021.
  • In April 2023, he fired over 190 shots at a rival gang's clubhouse in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Threats and blackmail of former gang members.
  • Breaking a customer's leg at Toby's Tavern in Dayton in June 2023.
  • Attack on a member of a rival gang at Chris's Band Box in Dayton in July 2023.
  • Participating in a shooting at a gang clubhouse in Springfield, Ohio, in March 2024.
  • Physical attack on members of a rival gang in London, Ohio, in May 2024.

The accused persons and their known aliases are:

  • Juan A. Robles (Juan the Man), 45, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Joey A. Marshall (King Joe, Diesel), 44, Xenia, Ohio
  • Jared T. Peters (Savage), 37, Dayton, Ohio
  • Brandon W. Fisher (Road Runner), 26, Piqua, Ohio
  • John A. Smith (Chaos), 37, Dayton, Ohio
  • Norman D. Beach (Stormin' Normin'), 49, Dayton, Ohio
  • Michael S. Henry (Brutal), 40, Xenia, Ohio
  • Daniel B. Hutton (Havok), 39, Fairborn, Ohio
  • Michael L. Reese (butcher), 44, Miamisburg, Ohio
  • Matthew J. Hawkins (Hawk), 32, Pequea, Pennsylvania
  • Joseph M. Rader (Delta), 32, Richmond, Kentucky
  • Justin J. Baker (Wild Boy), 29, Columbus, Ohio
  • Cody D. Hughes (Tater), 28, Columbus, Ohio
  • Brent A. Egleston (Be Easy), 36, Xenia, Ohio

Founded in 2003, TRMC has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The Midwest Region includes offices in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. These offices are led by a national president based in Newark, New Jersey.

Several defendants held leadership positions within the Dayton Division, including:

  • Juan A. Robles, “boss” of the Midwest region.
  • Joey A. Marshall, Sergeant at Arms, Midwest Region.
  • Jared T. Peters, President of the Dayton Chapter.
  • Brandon W. Fisher, Sergeant at Arms of the Dayton Chapter.
  • John A. Smith, “enforcer” of the Dayton Chapter.

The charges include one count of conspiracy to commit organized crime, punishable by up to twenty years in prison, and additional counts of assault, attempted assault and conspiracy to commit assault.