New nails and kittens on TikTok, explained

If you have been on TikTok in the last few days, you have probably seen references to a certain explicit video captioned “new nails and my kitten.“The viral clip, which has since been removed from the platform, was originally posted by the account @usergosd7n01yj.

In the video, the anonymous TikToker appears to accidentally expose herself as she tries to show off her new manicure and her pet cat. Accompanied by Tinashe's song EvilThe short clip sparked thousands of memes and reposts on TikTok.

After the “New Nails and My Cat” video gained popularity, users did a little digging and discovered that the creator, @usergosd7n01yj, was sneaking explicit content into many of her other TikToks as well. One example making the rounds shows her appearing to flash herself in a reflection of a video while filming in a bathroom.

Photo via TikTok/@ogbeefarmr

While the original “New Nails” video and @usergosd7n01yj's account were removed from TikTok relatively quickly – likely for violating the platform's policies on nudity – the footage had (obviously) already been screenshotted and re-uploaded by countless other users who wanted to get in on the viral moment.

In typical internet fashion, a series of parodies promptly followed, with TikTokers like @shmellzy recreating the idea of ​​innocently showing nails before “accidentally” revealing them explicitly. Others like @1700fiennnn simply responded by joking about how the content was even on their “For You” page. What exactly was it about your viewing habits that made TikTok think this was the perfect video for you? Suspicious.

As is often the case with viral shock moments like this, the “New Nails & My Kitty” video went beyond the TikTok world, sparking thought-provoking debates about the poster’s intentions and broader conversations about moderating sexuality on social media.

While @usergosd7n01yj's motives remain unclear, her intentionally and inadvertently created videos have struck a nerve that will likely inspire copycats seeking viral fame of their own by staging the controversy.

So was this an honest mistake that was blown out of proportion, or a brilliant strategy to generate huge audiences through scandal? We may never know for sure. I guess we can put this one in the “unsolved mysteries” file of internet history.

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