Bryson DeChambeau sends viral 5-word message on golf balls

Bryson DeChambeau is known for his unconventional approach to golf, but the star's latest revelation may be the most surprising yet. DeChambeau revealed at the 2024 US Open that he soaks his golf balls in salt water before every tournament.

Before the final round of the US Open, the golfer spoke at length about the process, which has now been outsourced to his manager. DeChambeau reposted the interview clip along with a five-word message, which prompted some interesting reactions from fans on social media.

The golfer's message on X reached one million views less than 24 hours after it was posted. Fans love DeChambeau's tongue-in-cheek response to his interesting routine.

“Yes, I salt my eggs,” DeChambeau noted in the June 15, 2024 message on X.

As for the golf balls used by DeChambeau, the golfer is rumored to be using the Titleist Pro V1 X Left Dash Edition.

Bryson DeChambeau caused a stir when he revealed that he soaks his golf balls in Epsom salts before every tournament

All joking aside, DeChambeau has a method behind his madness. The golfer believes that by soaking golf balls, he can find and fix any flaws in the manufacturing process. DeChambeau revealed that the majority of golf balls are fine, but it's an extra step in the lead-up to the tournament that he hopes will lead to more wins.

“Thanks for the question about the salty balls. I appreciate that,” DeChambeau said in a June 15 press conference. “Yes, I put my golf balls in Epsom salts. I'm fortunate that Connor, my manager, does that now as well. I don't have to do it. But essentially we float the golf balls in a solution to make sure the golf ball doesn't get unbalanced.”

“There used to be a big problem with golf balls being out of balance, and that was simply due to the manufacturing process,” DeChambeau added. “There's always a mistake, especially when it's a sphere and there are dimples on the edges. You can't get it perfectly centered.”

“So I'm trying to figure out the imbalance, how big it is. The heavy side floats to the bottom and then we mark the top with a dot to make sure it always rolls over itself.”

Bryson DeChambeau uses unique “hybrid” irons, which the golfer attributes to his participation in the Masters, the PGA Championship and the US Open

DeChambeau is also known for designing his own golf clubs. While it may not be a conventional approach, the movements seem to work for the golfer.

DeChambeau was in the running for spots at the Masters, the PGA Championship and the 2024 US Open, despite having struggled to find his feet in recent years.

The star was just one stroke away from winning the PGA Championship. DeChambeau entered the final round of the US Open with a three-stroke lead over the field.

If DeChambeau can win the US Open, we will probably see a lot of amateurs soaking their golf balls in salt. It is likely that regular golfers will not achieve the same club speed and distance that DeChambeau is aiming for. DeChambeau calls his new golf clubs “hybrid” irons, which we now know will hit balls soaked in salt.