Megan Thee Stallion was left in tears on stage after explicit AI content of hers went viral

Megan Thee Stallion was visibly moved during her performance in Tampa, Florida on Saturday night.

The 29-year-old Grammy winner fought back tears as she began singing her hit song β€œCobra” at the Amalie Arena during her Hot Girl Summer Tour.

In a viral fan video, the rapper paused with tears in her eyes and briefly lowered her head to compose herself.

She started singing as the music started, but had to stop after just a few bars to calm herself down. Then the WAP singer regained her composure, swayed to the beat and continued rapping, cheered on by the cheering crowd.

It is unclear what caused the American star's emotionality, but she recently condemned “disgusting” fake AI footage of her that was circulating on social media.

The clips were widely shared on X (formerly Twitter), prompting the singer to address the situation in a brief statement.

On June 8, she wrote: “It's really sick how y'all go out of their way to hurt me when you see me winning.

“You're going too far, you bastard. But you have to know that today was your last day playing with me, and I mean that.”

The Standard has asked Megan thee Stallion’s representative for comment.

The American star is not the only female celebrity to be the target of explicit AI-generated content.

In January, social media platform X blocked some search terms related to Taylor Swift after explicit content featuring the 34-year-old star began circulating on the site.

Searches for Swift's name on the platform – formerly known as Twitter – now result in the message: “Something went wrong. Try reloading.”

Users were reportedly able to view the content on X for up to 19 hours before action was taken.

Explicitly fake images of Swift were also shared on Facebook and Reddit, but not in such large numbers.

X released a statement about the move, saying at the time: “This is a temporary measure and has been done with the utmost caution as safety is our top priority in this matter.”