Have you tried Mexican Batanga? The viral tequila cocktail of the summer

Batanga is a refreshing Mexican cocktail created in the 1950s that is regaining popularity as a summer drink. Made with tequila blanco, Mexican Coca-Cola, lime juice, and a salt rim, this simple but delicious drink is known for its rustic charm and easy-to-follow recipe.

The Batanga, a simple tequila cocktail that becomes the cocktail of the summer

When people start drinking as young (hopefully legal) adults, soft drinks are the most common addition to spirits. Victims of youthful ignorance, many premium spirits have come under fire for being diluted beyond recognition with sugary sweetness, a crime only corrected with age and an appreciation for the more subtle flavors in life. But while mixing spirits with soft drinks has long been a taboo in mixology, there is a cocktail where it is not only appreciated but celebrated – Mexico’s Batanga.

Since going viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it's been hailed as the drink of the summer. This sparkling cocktail is a simple mix of 100% blanco tequila, cola, and lime. Tequila and agave spirits are growing in popularity, and this simple cocktail is further proof of their rise.

Nothing too complicated, but it's the ingredients themselves that make the cocktail so special. The key point is that not just any tequila will do. It has to be a real tequila – that is, grown, distilled and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. For the cola, Mexican Coke is preferable as it's made with real cane sugar instead of fructose and so isn't as sweet. And the limes are Key Limes, although regular limes will do in a pinch.