Deer crashes through bus windshield, three injured

Social media users were shocked when a viral video showed a deer crashing through the windshield of a moving bus.

A US media report said that the bus was traveling on a road in the US state of Rhode Island when a deer ran out of a nearby road and crashed directly into the windshield of the bus.

The video, which shows the deer flying through the air and then landing almost entirely on a passenger, quickly spread like wildfire on social media.

At least three passengers on the bus received medical attention after the incident.

While the video circulating online shows the deer moving and trying to escape from the bus after the violent impact, local authorities said it died of a head injury shortly after the incident.

The video showed the deer running away at high speed and jumping against the bus window. A passenger was shocked when he kicked the deer away and stood on a bus seat.

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Meanwhile, all six bus passengers left their seats as the deer fell on its side.

After its death, officials from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) removed the deer's body.

Local media reported that deer accidents are common in the region, especially during the animals' mating season.

According to the Providence Journal, there will be 1,347 collisions between deer and vehicles in Rhode Island in 2023.