First look at season 2 of Hulu's “How I Caught My Killer”

Hulu has taken a first look at the second season of its original documentary series, How I caught my murdererahead of his debut next month.

What happens:

  • How I caught my murderer is a true crime documentary series that explores the real stories behind unique murder cases with in-depth interviews, authentic archive footage and cinematic reenactments, creating a new twist on the genre.
  • Whether it's a tense letter to a friend, an urgent text message about a heated argument, a private diary entry describing a horrific experience, or an ominous social media post with a murder motive, all of these victims leave behind a crucial clue that will one day help solve their crime.
  • Each case paints a complex portrait of a person whose life was ended by a murderer who would have escaped justice had the victim not taken action. Ultimately, the twists and turns of the investigations into these victim-solved crimes reveal a terrible truth about America today: Our systemic failures as a nation too often deny justice to many citizens.
  • Each episode forces us to confront the harsh reality: Our system is blind to many underserved and invisible communities who make up a disproportionate share of the people who lose their lives to homicide each year.

  • The second season of How I caught my murderer All ten episodes premiere on Thursday, July 18, on Hulu.
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