Police chase in Austin goes viral on TikTok with more than 4 million views

A video has gone viral on TikTok showing a fierce police chase in Austin.

The video, which has garnered more than 4 million views and 251,000 likes on the social media platform, was posted on June 14.

In the video, a white Ford pickup truck with a trailer can be seen crossing the grassy area in front of JD's Market at the intersection of Cameron Road and Ferguson Lane in northeast Austin. The pickup then strikes a gray Honda Accord and spins out before driving the wrong way down Cameron Road. Four police officers and a Texas State Trooper pursue the pickup.

It was not immediately clear when the chase occurred, whether there were any injuries or if the driver was caught. has reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety for more information.

As is typical on TikTok, the comments draw attention to parts of the video that might not have otherwise been noticed. Several users expressed concern for the Honda Accord, but one of the officers stops briefly to check on the driver before continuing to pursue the fleeing pickup truck. Also intriguing was a pedestrian on the corner who seems unfazed by the commotion around him.

Finally, several users pointed out similarities between the scene and “Grand Theft Auto,” a video game that involves car theft and police chases.

“Definitely a Texas thing,” commented one user.

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