Banana Game goes viral on Steam, reaching 700,000 concurrent views for Fruity

Gamers are going crazy over a game that lets players simply click on a, well, banana. banana is a viral clicker game where players have a random banana added to their collection approximately every three hours by simply clicking on the screen.

Since its launch on Steam in late April, banana has received a “very positive” review. The addictive clicker game peaked today at 738,613 concurrent players, leaving some baffled as to what could drive so many people to mindlessly click on a banana for hours. The answer is that clicking on the banana gives players banana peels that can be sold for real money. It's also because many of these players are believed to be bots.

concurrent players Banana Game Steam

Hery, a member of the development team, noted in the game's Discord channel: “Unfortunately, we're currently struggling with some issues related to bots. Since the game basically uses 1% to no resources of your PC, people are abusing up to 1,000 alternate accounts to get rarer drops, or at least masses of them.”

While most skins on the Steam Marketplace are worth just a few cents, some have sold for more than $1,000. The glorious banana with the highest resale value is the so-called Special Golden Banana, which has sold for as much as $1,378.58. Yes, people actually pay that much real money for a banana skin on the Steam Marketplace.

Commenting on the game's appeal, Hery said: “I think the reason it has become so popular is because it is a legal 'infinite money glitch.'”

Reading customer reviews on Steam, one player, AzureAsteroid 2, commented: “The absolute state of euphoria I reached when I discovered this game surpassed the birth of my son. My wedding anniversary, and the time I was banned from my local Gamestop. I love you, banana.”

Of course, not all comments are positive towards the game. In response to AzureAsteroid 2, one Steam user replied, “You are actually brain dead for putting almost 600 hours into an obvious scam.” Another wrote, “In the 586 hours you worked on this game, you could have worked 14.65 weeks at 40 hours a week. You have no wife, no child, and no life. You live at home with your mother.”

Have any of you ever come across a banana lately? If so, let us know in the comments what banana peels you've been collecting.