Man arrested in connection with $240,000 robbery of East Boston store – NBC Boston

A man was arrested in connection with a robbery that occurred Friday, June 7, in East Boston.

Boston police responded Saturday to a report of a burglary at 212 Waldemar Ave., where two men entered an apartment with power tools.

Officers arrested Timothy Deconinck, 55, of Malden, and William Cataldo, 59, of Saugus. Deconinck was found in possession of drills, drill bits and other tools.

Over a week ago, an East Boston man had nearly $250,000 stolen Friday morning by two thieves posing as police officers outside his store.

Arthur Rizzo, owner of The Check Place, told NBC10 Boston that he was bringing a lot of cash to his check and money order business on Meridian Street when two men approached him, stole his $240,000 and drove off in his black Audi.

Boston police confirmed they responded to a 911 call about a robbery in the 200 block of Meridian Street just after 9:30 a.m. A “look out” alert was issued for a vehicle wanted in connection with the robbery. It was later found abandoned on Border Street and towed.

NBC10 Boston was first on the scene when investigators found the stolen car a block away. Investigators were also seen placing crime tags near the crime scene. About a mile down the road, there was more evidence – a duffel bag believed to be connected to the crime.

Timothy Deconinck is expected to be arraigned in East Boston District Court on a warrant for his arrest, which includes charges of unarmed robbery of a person over 65, auto theft and impersonation of a public official.

He was also charged with possession of burglary tools, attempted commission of a crime, damage to property, assault on a police officer and resisting state authority.

Cataldo is scheduled to be arraigned in East Boston District Court on charges of possession of burglary tools, attempted burglary, criminal damage and resisting arrest.

People in the area reacted to Friday's events, some are now afraid.

“I've seen a lot of things on a Friday morning, but this is definitely one of those weird things,” said Manuel Ramirez, who works in East Boston.

“They must have known that this person would get away with such a large sum of money,” said Jeremy Fischer-Block, who walks past there every day.

“This can happen to any of us,” says Gina Baltazar, who runs Ria Money Transfer alongside The Check Place.

She also cares about people's money and worries about her employees and customers. She says, “I'm scared.”

A liquor store owner named Teresa says she was robbed twice, which is why she had to install cameras and hire more people to protect herself.

“With the videos, we offer more security because they know we have them,” said the owner of Castillo Liquors.