Malik Scott blames Wilder for the defeats – “He’s no longer a killer”

Malik Scott has sharply criticized his critics Deontay Wilders Performance after the Bronze Bomber is eliminated.

Wilder was stopped in the fifth round, which was his second consecutive defeat after losing to Joseph ParkerWilder's record against Scott rose to one win in four fights since they teamed up for the third time. Tyson Fury Fight. The only victory they achieved was a first round KO against Robert Helenius. This has raised big question marks over Scott's training methods. Scott has tried to get Wilder to box and move instead of using his two strongest weapons: the right hand and the jab.

Scott about Wilder

These two qualities were crucial in making Wilder a knockout artist who won the WBC heavyweight title. Wilder had ten successful defenses, all under the guidance of Mark BrelandBut when Breland was fired after the second Fury fight, Wilder was no longer the same. Scott responded by absolving himself of blame.

“Imagine you see a killer for his entire career and then suddenly you don't see that killer anymore and if you ignore the facts, it comes across as if he's no longer a killer because of Malik Scott. I can't take away Deontay's killer instinct. Only Father Time can do that. Because nobody can give you a killer instinct. That thing is in you or it's not in you.

“To see if I'm right about this, look at any killer until the second half of their career. You think Kevin McBride had a chance to beat an early Mike Tyson? Absolutely not. When fighters get into the second half of their careers, they're no longer 22 or 23,” Scott said. said

Scott's reaction

Wilder's father has urged his son to get rid of Scott. The Bronze Bomber knocked out Scott during his career as a professional boxer, implying that Wilder could not respect anyone he was superior to. Scott also had no training experience prior to Wilder. This is his first job at an elite level and he has failed against the best competition. You can only blame Wilder so many times before Scott has to take responsibility. While that may be the case, his comments have suggested that Wilder can no longer replicate what he used to do. If that is the case, perhaps it is time for Scott to have those conversations with his fighter.

“I've been boxing since I was 12. If anyone thinks I'm stupid enough to turn Deontay Wilder into a Muhammad Ali fighter… My job is to train the fighter, give him confidence and get him through days when he thinks he can't do it. I'm not a miracle worker. We just had a terrible night and not just the knockout. Even before the knockout we had a little good moment,” Scott added.