Viral video shows simple trick to store fresh curry leaves for up to 6 months

How to keep curry leaves fresh for up to 6 months. (Photo: iStock)

Fresh herbs are difficult to store for long periods of time as they can easily dry out and turn brown. While storing them in the fridge is an option, the herbs won't last more than a few days. Instagram user @twinsbymyside shared a simple trick to keep fresh curry leaves for up to 6 months. She shared a video demonstrating her super easy trick for storing the curry leaves. The caption in the video read, “This is how I store curry leaves to keep them fresh for 6 months.”

First, the digital creator removes all the leaves from the stem. After rinsing everything thoroughly, she takes an empty ice cube tray and fills each cube with a few leaves. Next, she puts water in it and submerges the floating leaves at the bottom. Then she puts it in the freezer and lets it settle. When the cubes are ready, she recommends storing them all in a ziplock bag.

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To reveal how to use the frozen curry leaf cubes, the digital inventor takes a bowl of lukewarm water and puts the required amount of cubes in. In the clip, she can be heard saying: “With this trick, you can easily store your curry leaves for at least 6 months. And they retain their aroma and color and stay fresh.”

This trick will keep the curry leaves fresh in the fridge for a long time and is especially useful if you want to use fresh curry leaves in winter.

Several users loved the hack and said it was awesome for people living abroad. One comment read, “Definitely necessary for people living outside India. Sometimes curry leaves are hard to find. This hack is definitely useful.” Another wrote, “Wow! What an amazing hack!” One user said, “This will save me a lot of money in Canada.”

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Some revealed that simply storing the herbs in a ziplock bag keeps them fresh for a long time. “I live in the UK and have stored curry leaves, mint, coriander and parsley leaves in ziplock bags in the freezer without water. They stay fresh for a long time,” commented one user.