AMAZING! Mexican Man Makes Watermelon Cocktail in Giant Glass – Viral Video | Viral Videos

This Mexican watermelon cocktail will amaze you. Watch the viral video now!

Mexico City: A video of a man named Sergio preparing Agua Loca de Sandia has gone viral on social media. It appears to be a combination of two popular Mexican recipes – Agua De Sandia, a popular watermelon drink, and Sandia Loca, a snack that combines sweet and savory ingredients.

The video begins with Sergio peeling a whole watermelon, removing the rind and cutting it into small pieces. He then puts the diced watermelon in a pot, adds a flavored drink mix with water and lets it simmer on the stove. He then purees the watermelon to make juice. Finally, he fills a large glass with ice cubes, watermelon juice, fruit cocktail, sour apple, orange wine, watermelon-flavored white rum and spicy tamarind vodka. The prepared watermelon rinds are strained, seasoned with spices and added to the drink mix.

The video went viral on Instagram, garnering over 1 million views. One user said, “No one has ever left this man's casa unhappy or sober.” Another wrote, “I'm kind of mad I didn't buy the large wine glass at Costco when they sold it last year.” And yet another user added, “'Sir, I only had one drink.' The drink in question:.”