Delonte West appears disoriented as former NBA player stumbles through parking lot in disturbing viral video just days after his arrest

Trigger warning: This article contains references to alcohol and drug addiction

Recently, a viral video surfaced showing former American basketball player Delonte West in a parking lot in Alexandria, Virginia. The ex-NBA player was spotted in not too good shape, as he repeatedly touched his head.

This disturbing video of West stumbling was taken days after he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. Fairfax County police arrested him on a warrant violation earlier this month.

Rise and fall of former NBA player Delonte West

Delonte West participated in basketball games in both high school and college, but he began his NBA career after being selected in the 2004 draft. He played eight seasons in the league, playing for various teams during that time.

He played for the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks and earned over $16 million during his playing days. He retired from the league in 2015 after amassing 4,198 points, 1,265 rebounds and 1,540 assists in his career.

Unfortunately, the player was soon spotted begging for money. His personal life wasn't always smooth sailing during his years in the league. He went through a messy divorce from his first wife. He also spent money unnecessarily, which is one of the reasons he was short on cash.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tried to help West and placed him in a rehab facility in 2020. The coach even paid money for the player's treatment. Then it was revealed that West took a job at the rehab facility after receiving the necessary treatment.

However, in 2022, he was again spotted panhandling before being arrested in Fairfax County, Virginia, for getting into a car that did not belong to him.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please contact the authorities and report it. There are several hotlines for such cases.

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