TikToker goes viral after customer goes on a date with an inflatable doll

An American TikToker says she was fired from her job in the restaurant industry after filming a customer eating dinner with a fully inflated doll.

Tara Bjork (@t_bjork) went hyperviral on TikTok after she spotted a customer at the restaurant where she worked getting a fat meal using one of those inflatable sex dolls.

“OK, I'm not supposed to do TikToks at work, but this requires it,” she began the video, which now has more than 2.6 million views.

“I work at a nice restaurant in Charlotte and you have to see what went in there.”

Although the video sparked a lot of laughter and interest among internet users—one person thanked Tara for “risking” her job for the hilarious TikTok, for example—she has since claimed she was fired from the restaurant after the video went viral.

In an interview with local radio station 96.1, the TikToker detailed the jaw-dropping experience, adding that it was “embarrassing” to watch the customer try to accommodate his… er… guest, I guess?

“He got some food, ordered some drinks for her and had a blast,” Tara said, revealing that he tried to “feed her grapes.”

After recounting what happened beyond TikTok, Tara shared that she was fired from her job as a waitress due to the virality of her video.

“I lost my job because of the video,” she told the radio hosts.

“I think I was almost there anyway, so if there was a way, that would have been the way, I guess.”

In a separate interview with The Charlotte ObserverTara said she had a feeling her job would be at stake if she uploaded the video.

“It would get no views and I would run out of stuff, or it would hit and I would get fired,” she told the publication.

Tara also told the magazine she was “ready for new opportunities, so thank God it wasn't too much of a shock. I was a little shocked how viral it went though! My friends' parents told me they saw it.”

Why did the man go on a date with an inflatable doll?

In addition to revealing her professional status, Tara also revealed the real reason why the client went on a date with the sex doll.

It was revealed that Henry – the man with the inflatable doll – had lost a bet on fantasy football and therefore had to take the beautiful inflatable plastic piece with him to the Din Din.

The guy has since shared his perspective on his own TikTok, packed with beautiful snaps of his intimate date.

I won't lie, it's stories like this that make me miss hospitality… And then I remember the horrific stampede that went down at State of Origin and the Easter Show.

I'd rather have the inflatable doll than that, thanks!

Image source: TikTok