The murderer was arrested with a split head a few steps from his home: “Passionate reasons”

Murder in Bologna: The victim is a Ukrainian citizen, Roman Matvieiev.

The 40-year-old man was found yesterday a few steps from the front door of his apartment with a deep wound on the head. He was taken to Maggiore Hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering an injury to his abdomen. His spleen had to be removed and he suffered a skull fracture. But he didn't make it.

The police arrested a 38-year-old compatriot in an operation coordinated by the Deputy Prosecutor Michele Martorelli and carried out by officers of the Flying Squad in the Pilastro district. At the crime scene – an apartment on the first floor of Via Ferrarese 125 on the outskirts of Bologna – Forensic scientists had discovered some fingerprints that could be attributed to him. The evidence from the video surveillance images is also overwhelming. first immortalized the arrival with a blunt object in the building where the victim lived, then the exit, after a few minutes, with some clear traces of blood along one arm.

Based on the information gathered, the public prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant for murder. The 38-year-old was tracked down in the Pilastro area and taken to the police station. After appropriate searches, he was interrogated and, after his arrest, taken to prison: The motive for the murder could be traced back to passionate reasons.


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