Nearly 20 thieves use sledgehammers to rob a PNG Jewellers branch in Pune, USA; video goes viral

In a shocking development, a group of 20 thieves wielding sledgehammers robbed a jewelry store in California, surveillance footage shows. The group broke through the doors of PNG Jewelers in the city of Sunnyvale and smashed rows of display cases.

So far, police officers have arrested five people in connection with the robbery. Criminal investigations are ongoing and more arrests are expected.

Surveillance camera footage circulated on social media showing armed men breaking into the jewelry store with “hammers.”

In response to a series of robberies at Indian jewelry stores, California authorities met with leaders and members of the Indian-American community on Friday and promised decisive action against the perpetrators.

A series of armed robberies on Indian jewelry stores from Newark to Sunnyvale resulted in millions of dollars in lost assets and sparked panic among business owners and the local population.

At least three such spectacular robberies occurred in Sunnyvale, a city in California.

Officials hold meetings about robberies

Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein held a meeting on Friday with affected jewelry businesses and key city officials, including Vice Mayor Murali Srinivasan, Police Chief Phan Ngo, Interim City Manager Tim Kirby and the AIA leadership team.

“I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Mayor Larry Klein, Vice Mayor Murali Srinivasan, Police Chief Phan Ngo, Interim City Manager Tim Kirby and Connie V. for their quick response and unwavering support during this crisis,” said Township Supervisor Ajay Jain Bhutoria. “Their cooperation and dedication were critical to addressing the community's concerns and ensuring swift action,” he said.

Police Chief Phan Ngo informed the business owners about important safety and prevention measures to prevent future incidents. He also assured the public that criminals will be dealt with vigorously and police patrols will be increased to increase security.

“Our businesses now feel a sense of relief knowing that effective measures are being taken to protect them,” Bhutoria added.

“This situation has demonstrated the strength and resilience of our community and the importance of strong leadership in times of crisis.”

(With inputs from PTI)