Speeding tractor crashes into people during horse race in Punjab, netizens react: “Crazy, senseless events” | Trending News

A disturbing video of a tractor ploughing into several people at high speed during a horse race in Domeli village in Phagwara, Punjab, is doing the rounds online. The tractor reportedly went out of control and up to 10 people were hospitalized.

The viral video shows several tractors and their owners gathered to watch the race. The driver of a red tractor seen in the video loses control and rams into the people present at the event. The incident leads to chaos and people are seen running away to save their lives. X-user Akashdeep Thind shared the video and wrote, “Uncontrolled tractor rammed the few people in village (Domeli) of Phagwara. The incident took place during a tractor race at the fair.”

Watch the viral video here:

The video, shared on June 15, has been viewed over 35,000 times on the platform. Many social media users demanded that the government compensate the injured. In response, one user wrote: “You deserve it, why do you risk going to such crazy, senseless events!!!” Another user commented: “The government should compensate the loss.”

“I hope there were no fatalities!! And what on earth are the local authorities doing? Have they taken all safety measures?” wrote a third user.

According to Gautam Rishi, another X user, several people, including children, were seriously injured in the incident.

Local police have seized three vehicles and arrested four people in connection with the incident.

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In October 2023, the Punjab government banned tractor stunts after a stuntman was crushed under the tires of a tractor in Gurdaspur district.