Viral video: Giant humpback whale jumps out of the water; Internet users say: “How lucky, …”

The magnificent sight of a giant humpback whale jumping was captured by a wildlife photographer. The spectacular video of the huge creature jumping out of the water and performing twirls in the air was shared by photographer Rafael Mesquita Ferreira on his Instagram account.

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The viral video shows the giant humpback whale leaping out of the water and making a spectacular mid-air jump. The video has so far received nearly 17,000 likes and thousands of comments from viewers who were blown away by the magical sight of the ocean.

“It's impossible for an animal weighing dozens of tons to jump completely out of the water! I'll never see this again without getting goosebumps! I took this picture yesterday in Ilhabela, Brazil,” wrote Rafael Mesquita Ferreira while sharing the video on Instagram.

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“How lucky that I…”

One Instagram user marveled at the privilege of being able to witness this incredible moment live and commented: “This privilege is an immeasurable gift. How lucky to be able to be there live!!!!”

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Another user applauded the video, writing, “Man this is so cool! The photos and videos you take put us in the scene like we are present in the moment. Congratulations on such talent! I never get tired of seeing your posts.”

“If I see a business like this in front of me, I'll reset my life for a while. If I die the next day, don't worry, I'll be very happy! This has been my dream for years, ever since I did Bio-Marine,” wrote another user.

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“I wanted to be in that boat. What a video Rafaaa,” read another comment.

According to National Geographic, humpback whales can be found in all oceans of the world. Their huge pectoral fins can grow up to 5 meters long.

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