Alia Bhatt's deepfake video goes viral again, shocking fans with AI accuracy

Alia Bhatt is once again the target of an AI-generated video that went viral and shocked her fans.

In the video, Alia seems to be joining the GRWM (Get Ready With Me) trend. The video, posted on Instagram by a user named Sameeksha Avtr, has already garnered over 17 million views. India today reported.

Earlier, in a video circulating on social media platforms, Alia’s face was seen seamlessly morphing into the face of actress Wamiqa Gabbi.

Previously, a morphing video of her went viral, according to Indian Expresswhere not only her face but also her voice and gestures were copied exactly. In this video she can be seen in a flower set, sitting on the bed and making gestures to the camera.

In his historic address on Saturday, Pope Francis called on the leaders of the G7 countries to recognize that they have the power to decide whether artificial intelligence becomes a fearsome or a creative tool.

Professor Geoffrey Hinton, considered the “godfather of artificial intelligence,” expressed “great concern about AI taking over many mundane jobs.”

Professor Hinton recently said: “I estimate that the probability that we will have to deal with the problem of AI trying to gain the upper hand in the next five to twenty years is about half.”

This, he added, would pose a “threat of extinction” for humanity because we may have “created a form of intelligence that is simply better than biological intelligence… This is something we are very concerned about.”