An engineer's hilarious honesty in an application goes viral

Imagine going to a job interview and telling the hiring manager that you can't marry your childhood sweetheart if you don't get the job. No pressure on the hiring manager, right? Funnily enough, that actually happened to Avra ​​Health CEO Dipalie Bajaj.


Ms. Bajaj was looking for a full-stack engineer when she came across a job posting online that caused great amusement.

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When the anonymous applicant was asked why he was suitable for the position, he openly admitted that he needed a job so he could marry the girl of his dreams. He explained that the girl's father had insisted that he get a job before they could get married.

When asked “Why are you suited for the role?” he replied, “I think I bring a unique blend of full stack that fits the requirements of this role well. Also, I would never marry my childhood sweetheart if I didn't get this job because her father says you can't marry her unless you have a job.”


Ms. Bajaj shared a screenshot of the response on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “Hiring can be fun too.”

The post quickly went viral, receiving 229.8k views and 4.7k likes.

People appreciated his honesty. One said, “Hire him because of his honesty.” Another questioned his status, asking, “Will he get married or not?”

Someone else noted: “He makes a pretty convincing argument.”

Another person added: “In this day and age where resumes are faked and stuffed with buzzwords, this applicant is honest through and through. 10/10 for honesty.”

Well, Touché.

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