Glen Powell learns that the viral story about a “date with a cannibal” was made up: “False alarm”

Glen Powell wants to tell the world that “back massages are back.”

The “Hit Man” actor reached out to X on Monday to clarify his viral comments about “going on a date with a cannibal” that had the internet in a frenzy.

During an appearance on his training partner Jake Shane's “Therapuss” podcast in late May, Powell told a story about how his little sister's friend got “weird vibes” on a date from a guy – who turned out to be a cannibal after giving her a massage with “a black market lotion that dissolves skin for human consumption.”

As it turns out, the internet first fact-checked the claims and found that the former “Top Gun: Maverick” star's viral moment was originally an urban legend. According to Snopes, a website that fact-checks and debunks urban legends, her first such email dates back to 2001.

Glen Powell, pictured at the premiere of "HitMan" in Texas in May, retracts his comments about his little sister's date with a cannibal after the story turned out to be an urban legend.

Glen Powell, pictured here at the premiere of “Hit Man” in Texas on May 15, walks back his comments about his little sister dating a cannibal after the story turned out to be an urban legend.

Powell jokingly used X to comment on the podcast segment that flooded the internet with speculation.

“Kudos to my little sister's friend for telling her this dating story… I've been telling this for years,” Powell said on X on Monday, before quipping, “I'm questioning my whole life now… False alarm. Back rubs are back in style.”

Glen Powell talks about Netflix's Hit Man. his dog Brisket and the “freedom” to move to Texas

During the original date story, he said his little sister's friend went to the man's apartment for a back massage and felt “weird feelings” and left the apartment. The next day, she went to the doctor because her skin started “itching like crazy” and the doctor ran tests that found the “black market lotion.”

“This man was rubbing lotion on her body to eat her, so the doctor said, 'You have to give me this person's address and call the police.' They got to this man's house and he had the bodies of several girls,” Powell told Shane.

Glen Powell returned to Texas on his way to superstardom

While Powell was distracted from the cannibal talk on the podcast, the actor was promoting his new Netflix film, “Hit Man.” In an interview with USA TODAY that tied in with the film, he talked about his dog, Brisket, and trading in Hollywood for his Texas roots.

“The goal was always when I got enough traction in LA that I could come back home. I always had a place here in Austin, but now I've finally found the place I really wanted,” the Texas native told USA TODAY. “My parents just turned 70 and you want to enjoy every moment you have around your family.”

The leading man, who was recently inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame, said, “It's really fun to be around people who love movies and the business,” but added, “Sometimes that echo chamber can be not so great for your health from a mental health perspective.”

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