Baby rescued from pyro flames, parents watch in viral birthday party video

A woman rushes to save the baby from the pyrotechnics as the parents look on. | Courtesy: Diksha/X

Photo: Twitter


  • The use of pyrotechnics at a baby's birthday party resulted in the host family being injured by flames.
  • In a video circulating on the Internet, the parents can be seen withdrawing and leaving their daughter to the unpredictable spark.
  • A woman rushed to the scene and saved the baby from the couple's eyes, sparking criticism online.

A couple is being harshly attacked on social media because they apparently endangered their little daughter with pyrotechnics At her Birthday partyA video that went viral in the wake of the incident captures the moment when a woman infant from a villain's flame while her parents watched.

In the 14-second footage, the victim initially appears mesmerized by the fireworks next to her crib, which is decorated with rows of flowers. A few seconds later, the pyrotechnician to his left fails to ignite properly, and horizontal sparks cause the parents to drive away.

The couple were standing directly behind the baby, who was facing the other way as he began to cry, probably because he was suffering from the burns he had sustained.

Meanwhile, her father checks on her mother and mouths to a person behind the camera that she is fine and unharmed.

At that moment, a woman appears from the background, supposedly the birthday girl's grandmother, and saves her.

The video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) and was captioned: “Show-off, dangerous, immature and irresponsible parents in my opinion.”

One user commented on the clip: “The child starts crying after getting burned!! What a shameless husband and father… putting his family in danger.”

Another added: “And they only cared about themselves, not the baby?!? They didn't take in the crying baby. Only grandma came to save it.”

At birthday parties, weddings and similar celebrations, the use of staged pyrotechnics is becoming more and more common – and with it, more and more incidents involving injuries and fires.

While in this case sparkling machines emitted fountains to create a cascading effect, hand-held pyrotechnic guns are also notorious for ruining the moment.

In March last year, a woman's wedding dress briefly caught fire when the device in her hand burst into flames, nearly burning her face.