Taylor Swift performs “Murder Mashup” from “Carolina,” “No Body, No Crime”

Taylor Swift was in storytelling mode on Saturday night (June 15) in Liverpool, England, with two surprising song mashups.

At the third of three shows at the city's Anfield Stadium, Swift got creative with her acoustic set, weaving together crime mysteries for a mashup and telling the story of an affair from the Red era with the other.

“That's what the show is all about for me,” Swift said, strumming her guitar. “It's just the most important part of 'Don't screw this up. Don't screw this up,' because that's my favorite part of the show too.”

“This is what I'm going to do,” she began to tell the crowd, but her voice trailed off. After a brief pause, Swift announced, “I'm going to call it 'The Murder Mashup.'”

She gave Liverpool the live debut of “Carolina”, the haunting song she wrote for the soundtrack of the 2022 film adaptation of Delia Owens' crime novel The song of the crayfish — plays it together with parts of Always“No body, no crime.”

“Carolina streams run through my veins/ Lost I was born, lonely I came/ Lonely I will always remain/ Carolina knows why I roam for years/ Free as these birds, light as whispers/ Carolina knows,” Swift sang, continuing the movie ballad until “there are places I'll never, ever go/ And things only Carolina will ever know.”

And then, to the screams of the entire stadium, she moved into “He did it,” and incorporated “No Body, No Crime” (originally recorded with Haim) into what is now officially known as “The Murder Mashup.”

After this pairing, the singer quietly begins with the piece “The Manuscript”, the thoughtful conclusion of her 31-song album. The section “The Tormented Poets”: The Anthology album, at her piano.

“She thought of him saying that since she was so wise for her age, everything was fair,” sang Swift, recalling a “hot affair” with an older man in her younger years, about which she had quietly Tortured poets Trace. “She wasn't sure.”

Swift then connected 2024's “The Manuscript” with the bridge from 2012's “Red”: “The memory of him comes in flashbacks and echoes/ Tell me now is the time to let go/ But moving on from him is impossible/ While I still see it all in my head/ In burning red… Loving him was red.”

“The story is no longer mine,” was the final line of “The Manuscript,” ending the piano number.

You can check out snippets of both of Swift's surprise song mashups below. Stay up to date with her full list of Eras Tour surprise songs here. The tour continues in Cardiff on Tuesday, June 18, then arrives in London for the weekend on Friday, June 21.