Bloomfield police arrest armed burglary suspect after tense standoff

BLOOMFIELD – A suspected burglar was arrested late Wednesday night after a heated confrontation with Bloomfield police in which he briefly pointed a firearm at an officer before surrendering.

Residents in the 200 block of Tunxis Avenue called police at 11:13 p.m. after observing an unknown man attempting to break into their home through a basement door window.

The suspect, later identified as Raul Gonzalez, 48, of Bloomfield, became disturbed and fled as residents yelled at him.

Shortly after police responded to the 911 call, they found González walking on Tunxis Avenue.

As an officer approached with his blue lights on, Gonzalez pointed a black object at the officer and then hid it behind his back.

The officer, who had exited his vehicle and drawn his weapon, ordered Gonzalez to show his hands.

Gonzalez complied and admitted that he was carrying a black LTJ Alfa 1.50 caliber 50 gun that fires rubber balls with CO2 cartridges.

Gonzalez was taken into custody after he dropped the weapon on the officer's orders.

He is accused of attempted burglary with a firearm, illegal use of a replica firearm, illegal possession of weapons, breach of the peace and damage to property.

He is being held on bail and is scheduled to appear in Hartford Superior Court on June 14.

Bloomfield police praised the responding officer for his restraint and professionalism in handling the potentially fatal confrontation.