Arrest of “Jersey Shore” star Angelina Pivarnick: New details emerge

The MTV star is facing assault charges, and her lawyer claims it was a misunderstanding.

Jersey Shore Star Angelina Pivarnick is facing charges related to an incident that includes assault, criminal damage, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. According to TMZ, several summonses were issued on Sunday.

Further details are not included in the subpoena and no information can be released due to confidentiality. According to TMZ, what is known is that something happened at Pivarnick's house and that it was some sort of domestic incident. According to, the police report sheds some light on the details of that night.

“[Angelina] committed an obstruction of public order by intentionally running from uniformed officers to run into a home, lock the door, and prevent police from conducting a domestic violence investigation,” said an report quoting the police report.

The unnamed victim suffered “physical injuries” during the altercation after the “Jersey Shore” star allegedly struck him “with her hands/fists, causing scratches, redness and pain to the victim's hands.” She also allegedly caused “under $500” worth of damage to the alleged victim's vehicle.

Pavarlick's attorney spoke to TMZ and attempted to clarify the situation. “This is nothing more than a very minor incident that was made worse by a side effect of a prescribed over-the-counter medication. We look forward to getting this matter resolved and behind us in our favor. Angelina is resting at home and has no further comment at this time,” James Leonard told the outlet. He also adds that the charges listed in the subpoena are less serious than they sound, though he did not provide any specifics.

Pavarlick is due in court in July to answer the charges, so we expect more details to come to light at that time. Her fiancé, Vinny Tortorella, was not mentioned in any of the documents, so there is no indication he was involved in the incident.