“I became famous because I dated a toyboy – but I dumped him after a big realization”

Rae Richmond, a 57-year-old content creator whose relationship with a man 20 years her junior caused a stir, has revealed the couple's abrupt split.

The US-based social media star was in a two-year relationship with Cam Hawk, her 37-year-old co-star who appeared alongside her in steamy online scenes.

Although they share a deep connection, Rae, who has 202,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that the relationship ended abruptly due to loyalty issues. She revealed: “I have a lot of really great things happening in my life that, combined with some recent incidents, have made me realize that while Cam and I love each other very much, the romantic relationship has run its course.”

Rae further explained why they decided to go their separate ways, exclaiming, “Loyalty is the most important thing to me and we are no longer together.”

However, the internet diva continued to wish her ex-partner all the best and hoped for privacy during this difficult time.

Undeterred by the unexpected turmoil in her personal life, Rae is ready to move forward with her thriving solo career in entertainment. She seems quite intrigued by the idea of ​​working with “new talent” on her progressive online projects and is also eager to explore new perspectives in the high-profile entertainment space.

Rae Richmond poses for a photo

Rae Richmond poses for a photo

She hinted at her future plans by saying, “Stay tuned… there’s much more to come!”

It wasn't long ago that the star opened up about how her budding romance with Cam began after her “sexless” marriage ended.

In September last year, she said: “I met Cam and the attraction was instant. To my surprise, it was very mutual too! I found myself wanting to explore a long-suppressed sensual side for the first time in my life.”