Video of Mexican-American toddler crying because she is not Chinese goes viral


A video of a Mexican-American girl crying and upset because she is not Chinese has gone viral.

About the video: The video, uploaded to TikTok on February 16 by Jose Reyes, a real estate agent from Arizona, has been viewed over 6.1 million times.

The viral clip shows Reyes' sobbing daughter telling her father that she wants to be Chinese and no longer Mexican, explaining, “Because I do.” When Reyes asks her if she can speak Chinese, the girl says she can only say “xishou,” which means “wash your hands” in English.

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The context: In his post, Reyes explained that his daughter attends a trilingual school where Mandarin is part of the curriculum alongside Spanish and English, adding that he believes her excitement has something to do with the Chinese New Year celebrations in February.

“I think with all the recent Chinese New Year celebrations, she came home feeling a little left out,” Reyes explained in the description of his post.

“Of course, as she gets older, we will teach her to love and appreciate all cultures, especially her own,” he added.

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We celebrate the Chinese New Year: Although Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is considered a Chinese holiday, anyone can celebrate it, regardless of their ethnicity or the country they live in. This is most famous in the United States, where the festival symbolizes solidarity between different communities.

Countries that celebrate Chinese New Year on a large scale include South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. In addition, several cities in the United States hold their own celebrations, including Seattle, Honolulu, Oakland, San Francisco and New York.

This is how people reacted: Many parents on TikTok could relate to Reyes' post. One user shared his hilariously similar experience: “When my daughter was this age, she cried because she couldn't fly. She said, 'You said I was an angel!'”

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“Mine wants to be a remote control,” another user shared.

“My toddler was crying because she wanted her daddy to be Michael Jordan,” commented one TikTok user. “My response was, 'Me too, baby! Let's tell daddy.'”

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