Bengaluru woman uses famous Instagram trend 'Man in Finance' to find apartment to rent – video goes viral | Watch

Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India as it is where most of the Indian tech companies and startups are headquartered. The city is known for its atmosphere, long traffic jams and expensive rents. Recently, a young woman found the right apartment for herself in Bengaluru in a creative way by taking up the famous Instagram trend “Man in Finance”. The woman created her own version of the trend and combined it with the characteristics of her needs.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. So here's my take on the trend,” Neha said in her video on Instagram. The music of the popular trend 'Man in Finance' can be heard in the background as she repeats her requirements like “Flats, Bangalore, Apartment, Realtor, 2BHK, Rent, Trending, Seeking, Bengaluru.”

Netizens loved how Neha gave a creative twist to a popular trend. The video has already been viewed over 150,000 times and has more than 3,000 likes. People living in Bengaluru and knowing how difficult it is to find the right place to live can relate to her video.

“This is harder than finding 'finance, trust fund, 6'5″, blue eyes,” wrote one user in a comment, sarcastically poking fun at the apartment hunt in Bengaluru. “You might as well buy an apartment in Mysore because the commute is almost as long as Electronic City,” wrote another user.

“Bengaluru is like a galaxy. You have to specify which part of the galaxy you are looking in, prices fluctuate accordingly,” said a third, stressing the importance of paying attention to details when looking for a house in Bengaluru.

Several people even shared the details of properties she could explore to see if they met their requirements. Many real estate sites also commented on her video with their suggestions.