Mexican makes watermelon cocktail in a giant glass – the internet is impressed

Viewers are impressed by this viral watermelon cocktail recipe. (Photo: Instagram/soyyoelsergio)

The internet is full of videos on all kinds of dishes and recipes. However, if you are a fan of fun mocktails and cocktails, this viral video with more than 35 million views will impress you. The viral video posted on Instagram by Sergio from Mexico features the recipe for “Agua loca de Sandia,” which seems to combine two popular Mexican recipes — Agua De Sandia, a popular watermelon water drink, and Sandia Loca, a “crazy watermelon” snack that combines sweet and savory ingredients. The best part is that the drink is served in a giant glass, which has impressed the internet.

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The film begins with Sergio grating the rind of a whole watermelon. Then he cuts off the rind and cuts it into small cubes. He puts these in a pot and adds a flavored drink powder with water. The whole thing is brought to a boil on the stove. Next, he purees the watermelon and makes juice out of it. Now comes a huge glass filled with lots of ice cubes, watermelon juice, watermelon fruit juice cocktail, sour apple cocktail with orange wine, watermelon flavored white rum and spicy tamarind vodka. The watermelon rinds are drained, mixed with some spices and added to the drink. A giant straw completes the recipe!

The video has received over a million likes. Here are some reactions from the comments section:

One user wrote: “No one has ever left this man's casa unhappy or sober.” Another joked: “Sir, I only had one drink.” The drink in question:”

One said, “I usually get upset when they waste alcohol, but I know this guy drinks all the alcohol.” One was impressed with the glass, writing, “A little mad I didn't buy the large wine glass at Costco last year when they had it on sale.” Another agreed, “Such a big glass. Fill it up, bro!”

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