AI-generated Pixar-style animations go viral: This is what it’s all about

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AI-generated animation delights internet users

What's the matter

A Pixar-style animation clip featuring a girl from ancient Egypt took the internet by storm this week.

The clip was generated entirely by artificial intelligence (AI) and represents an important milestone in the field of AI videos.

The short, silent animated film by Los Angeles-based director and photographer Ellenor Argyropoulos was released on X, where it was viewed 7.5 million times in just a few days.

Director's reaction to AI-generated animation

Argyropoulos expressed her amazement at the results of the AI-generated video on her social media account, stating, “I am absolutely OVERWHELMED.”

She revealed that she first created an image using various techniques, including hand drawing, and then used technology company Luma's AI video generator “Dream Machine” to animate the image.

The result was a clip that would not be out of place in a Pixar or DreamWorks Children's film.

Watch the animation

Luma's Dream Machine: A turning point in AI animation?

Luma's website states that Dream Machine is capable of creating “physically accurate, consistent and eventful shots” with “great character consistency and precise physics.”

It can also respond to text-to-video prompts like OpenAI's Sora.

Despite praise for the video, there was also criticism from traditionalists and concerns from artists about the potential impact of this technology on their careers.

Concerns and fears in the animation industry

One artist reacted to the video with concern, saying, “This is horrifying. I've never had so little hope of becoming an animator. This really breaks my heart, I hope this never gets this big again.”

This sentiment reflects the fears within the animation industry, which is already heavily affected by layoffs due to economic problems in the streaming sector and mergers between media companies such as WarnerMedia And discovery.

Potential impact of AI on animation jobs

Although generative AI is not yet a common tool in animation, many predict that it could lead to job losses in the future.

However, hurdles still need to be overcome, including copyright issues and the need for human intervention in post-processing, as the models produce unusable and strange results.

Despite these challenges, the viral Pixar-style animation video suggests that these may be technical problems that machine learning engineers will soon overcome.