Fact Check: Is Caitlin Clark going to the Olympics? Investigating a viral claim about her inclusion in USA Basketball

A recent claim that Caitlin Clark had been selected to the United States women’s national basketball team went viral on social media.

The news gained momentum after a Facebook page called “America's Last Line Of Defense” surfaced online and even posted about the Indiana Fever rookie being named to the Paris 2024 Olympic team after Brittney Griner was cut from the roster for alleged rule violations.

If you look closely, you will notice that the page has seemingly published controversial posts surrounding sports culture. However, we must always verify the authenticity of the news before believing anything on social media.

Similar fake stories that appeared on various Facebook pages attempted to exaggerate the situation by claiming that Griner had been disqualified, embroiled in a scandal, or lost support due to Clark's alleged nomination.

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How many points did Caitlin Clark score tonight?

Caitlin Clark scored 7 points in yesterday's game for the Indiana Fever. Although she struggled with turnovers and scored 7 total, she also contributed 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

Despite their uneven performance, Clark's efforts were part of a collective team victory as the Fever managed to keep the Atlanta Dream at bay with a final score of 91-84. The game thrilled fans on both sides, especially given a frenetic comeback attempt by the Dream that ultimately resulted in their fourth win of the season and second home victory at Indianapolis' Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Indiana, however, remained calm and responded with a decisive run to finish the game on a positive note. Kelsey Mitchell's 24 points, along with contributions from Katie Lou Samuelson and the rest of the team, were key to the hard-fought victory.

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