Tyson Foods suspends CFO John R. Tyson after drunk driving arrest

A Tyson Foods executive was suspended following an arrest in Arkansas early Thursday morning.

John Randal Tyson, the company's chief financial officer and great-grandson of the company's founder, was arrested by University of Arkansas police around 1:30 a.m. Thursday on a drunken driving charge, jail records show.

Nine hours later, he was released from custody on $1,105 bail.

Tyson Foods released a statement about Tyson's arrest, saying the company was aware of the “arrest for suspected drunken driving.”

“Tyson Foods has suspended Mr. Tyson from his duties, effective immediately,” the statement said.

Curt Calaway, a senior financial manager at the company, has been appointed interim chief financial officer, the company announced.

Tyson Foods CFO arrested and charged in 2022

As USA TODAY previously reported, Tyson had previously been arrested for public drunkenness and trespassing after he entered a woman's home and fell asleep in her bed in November 2022.

A woman called police after entering her home and said a man she did not know was sleeping in her bed, according to a preliminary report obtained by USA TODAY. Tyson was reportedly sleeping in a bedroom of the home, his clothes on the floor, when police arrived. Officers looked at the man's driver's license and identified him as Tyson.

“Tyson was not invited to stay at the residence and the residents did not know who he was,” the report said. He was lethargic and wanted to go to sleep, the report said.

He was arrested for trespassing and public intoxication, USA TODAY reported.

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