Gaurav Khanna's wife Akanksha REACTS to viral Kitten Reel and Rupali Ganguly's statement: 'Video was misinterpreted' (EXCLUSIVE)

A video of Anupamaa's wife Akanksha Chamola dropping a cat went viral on X (formerly Twitter) this morning. In this video, Akanksha can be seen explaining that unlike human babies, baby animals can be loved as much as you want and dropped if they bite you or pull your hair. While saying this, the actress drops her cat. This video of Akanksha did not go down well with the netizens and they criticised her for dropping the cat. Some users even termed it as 'animal cruelty'.

While the actress took down the video after reading these comments, Gaurav's co-star from Anupamaa, Rupali Ganguly, spoke up for her. Rupali was also trolled for all the hate comments and was asked if she pays people to troll Akanksha. While the actress criticised the said troll, she also took a strong stand for Akanksha and requested everyone not to drag families into the hate comments. She stated that Akanksha is an avid animal lover and that this trolling should stop.

Free Press Journal got in touch with Akanksha to talk about the same and the actress clarified her stance in an exclusive chat with us. Talking about the said video, Akanksha says, “Look, first of all, I am not on Twitter so I don't know what is happening there at all. As for the said video, I am an animal lover myself and I always advocate for the protection and betterment of the situation of animals. The video was scripted and was only for a fun purpose. I don't know why it is being hyped up? Also, the cat did not fall down. Cats generally do not fall. They are very active. My cat also jumps down from the cupboard. However, I also deleted the video immediately after posting it after I started reading the comments. People contacted me saying that animal cruelty has reached its peak and that some people might take this the wrong way and think that it is okay to throw animals around and that they might be doing it in an abusive manner. It's just that the video did not turn out the way I expected.”

Further revealing that she rescued and adopted the kitten, the Bhootu actress says, “I rescued and adopted my cat and I have always been actively involved in animal welfare in my society, building and also in the community. I always stand up for them and fight for them. Then why would I mistreat an animal? And if it was intentional, then why would I share it on my social media? The abuse videos are recorded footage, not a video scripted and shot with care. And did anyone see the cat fall on the floor?”

Reacting to Rupali Ganguly's support, Akanksha thanks her and says, “It's very sweet of Rupali to publicly acknowledge me, especially when I'm not even on the platform or know what's happening there. Rupali knows me well and she knows how much I love animals. I'm glad people like her understand the thin line. I'm glad she knew that the video was just for fun and not for any other purpose.”

Akanksha also thanked Kavita Kaushik for her support and said, “Kavita also knows me well, we live in the same building, so she also knows that I would never intentionally hurt an animal.”

Professionally, Akanksha has been part of popular shows like Bhootu, Swarigni and others.

Published on: Saturday, June 15, 2024, 3:42 PM IST