Park Bo Gum's way of rejecting gifts from fans goes viral

It caught the attention of many Internet users.

A video showing how actors Park Bo-Gum The gifts of the rejected fans have gone viral and caught the attention of many internet users.

Park Bo-Gum 3
Park Bo-Gum | @bogummy/Instagram

The video shows Park Bo Gum performing the other half of the heart hand gesture using the original poster several times.

The actor even mouthed the name of the original poster and smiled at him!

However, netizens focused on the part where the original author and other fans tried to give the actor flowers. First, Park Bo Gum is seen sweetly pouting when he sees the flowers, seemingly expressing that he cannot accept them.

Then he seemed to have a change of heart, walked up to the fans and grabbed one of the flowers. He even held the flower close to his heart and said: “Thank you very much.

He then gave the flower back to the fan and did the same to another fan who also had flowers for him!

In the subjects The internet user commented on the post that went viral:

I saw this on Xiaohongshu [social media platform in China]. Although Park Bo Gum doesn't accept gifts, his emotional intelligence is very high. The feeling that he is giving you something back (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) would, I think, not hurt anyone.

– Internet users

Other Internet users also left comments praising the actor.

Park Bo-Gum 7

  • “Receiving flowers from an idol for the very first time is amazing.”
  • “Is Bo Gum some kind of master of emotional intelligence?”
  • “It became a gift.”
  • “Oh my God, I’m an instant fan.”
  • “Right now, he's always treating his fans the same. He doesn't take them for granted just because he's popular. That's great!”

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