Dozens of Clark County sex offenders charged with violating registration requirements | Sex Crimes

Twelve of more than 1,800 sex offenders in Clark County have been arrested for violating their laws.

Twelve sex offenders were arrested for allegedly failing to comply with laws requiring them to register their place of residence with the authorities, police said.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Operation Summer Shield 2024, a multi-jurisdictional sex offender screening operation, took place from June 3 to 7.

The operation was a personal effort to ensure that more than 1,800 sex offenders in Clark County were in compliance with registration requirements.

By the end of the operation, 1,840 sex offenders had been contacted, resulting in 12 arrests for violating sex offender registration laws.

Those arrested were: David Duenas, 43; David Perry, 45; John Simmons, 51; Jeremiah Gard, 39; Ryan Hamm, 60; Brian Monegan, 62; Casey Saunders, 26; Scott Billings, 49; Giezi Burrion-Diaz, 29; Lawrence Sayles, 65; Nathaniel Whaley, 51 and Anthony Buncie, 62.

Sex offenders who are required to register must provide proof of their address to law enforcement authorities according to the level assigned to them.

Level 3 offenders are required to report quarterly, Level 2 offenders are required to report semi-annually, and Level 1 offenders are required to report annually.

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