Scottish postman delivers viral Euro hit to Argentina

Nick Morgan, a postman from Prestwick, is the singer behind Scotland's new unofficial European Championship anthem [BBC]

Football fans from Argentina and Scotland are united in music thanks to a catchy Euro song written by a Scottish postman.

The song, entitled “No Scotland No Party,” attracted attention over 7,000 miles away because it is sung to the tune of a popular Argentinian song about sports icon Diego Maradona.

Nick Morgan's song “Euros” quickly went viral on TikTok with over four million views and was played on Argentine television and radio stations.

Nick, a Kilmarnock fan, said: “It's been crazy. People have been thanking me and saying they're supporting Scotland in the Euros now, some people have said they're buying Scotland shirts for the games.

“Honestly, it's just surreal when you think that all over the world, people in South America are listening to the song and being talked about on TV and radio.

“I was sent loads of articles. They were big, national newspapers, not small broadcasters, but the really big ones. It's hard to understand.”

Nick came up with the idea after watching a video of Maradona captaining the 1986 World Cup-winning team following his death in 2020.

“It happened when Maradona died and [there were] lots of honors,” he said.

“I found this clip of Maradona singing in a bar. All his family and friends are there and there's a rock band behind him.

“There was just this song… and when I heard it, I immediately fell in love with it, it's just so catchy.”

The original song, titled “La mano de Dios,” or “The Hand of God,” was released in 2001 by the late Argentine singer Rodrigo Bueno as a tribute to Maradona, widely considered one of the greatest footballers of all time.

It refers to the striker's infamous handball goal against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Maradona, who also played for Barcelona and Naples, later became coach of the Argentine national team.

And ironically, he won his first game as manager against Scotland at Hampden Park in 2008.

While the original song is popular in Argentina, it was relatively unknown in Scotland until Nick released his tartan version.

He said: “In this song I pay homage to Argentina.

“The theme of the song is essentially: we know we are not this great team, we know we are not Argentina, we are not world champions, but we have these great players and we have this belief.”

A collage of Argentine media reporting on the songA collage of Argentine media reporting on the song

Argentine media reported on the route of the Scottish European Championship [Todo Noticias, La Voz & Noticias ]

Nick's track references Scotland's historical successes and defeats in major tournaments over the years.

In the chorus he shouts: “But we have John McGinn and Robbo on the wing,” referring to two of Scotland’s star players.

It even acknowledges the nation's pessimistic enthusiasm after failing to advance past the group stage three times.

“We never seem to do particularly well. I guess time will tell. Whether we finally make it through the group stage.”

Nick released his Scottish European Championship anthem on May 17th and quickly found support – not only from the Tartan Army, but also from all over South America.

“I got a message from an Instagram account basically saying 'we love your track' – I expect this will hit Argentina,” he told BBC Scotland News.

“I said people would love it, and then suddenly I started getting newspaper articles from Argentina and friend requests.”

His YouTube streams skyrocketed.

Since 200,000 fans of the Tartan Army are expected in Germany for the European Championship, the song has become the unofficial theme song among Scottish fans.

And the fans of Argentina, the reigning world and South American champions, also found great support.

As part of the preparations for the 2024 European Championships, Nick performed acoustic versions of the song in local primary schools.

And in between, he tries to maintain his media fame.

He explained: “I'm a musician. I work 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but the last week or two have been crazy, so I've been coming straight home, answering emails and doing interviews.

“People are asking for voice messages for their uncle. It's crazy.”

“Fan zones ask me to write messages. It's difficult to juggle everything.”

Andy CameronAndy Cameron

Andy Cameron made it to Top of the Pops with Ally's Tartan Army [BBC]

Earlier Scottish football songs include “Ally's Tartan Army” from the 1978 World Cup season or “We Have a Dream” from the 1982 World Cup.

Nick said: “If that were all I could do, I would be happy.

“It's hard for an independent artist to get played on the radio.

“I want the song to last. I would love it if in a year or two, whenever Scotland plays the song, it sounds like this: 'We march with Ally's army.'”

“It's difficult to write a song for Scotland, it's not my usual genre, but it's a fine line between cheesy and embarrassing and a beautiful patriotic song, so you have to place it right in the middle. I think I've managed it.”

For Steve Clarke's team, the 2024 European Championship begins on Friday at 8 p.m. in Munich against hosts Germany.

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