Arrest in Colorado Springs crime spree | Crime and Justice

A suspect is in custody following a series of crimes involving robbery, assault and theft of several victims on Friday afternoon.

According to CSPD, the patrol began around 3 p.m. Friday when Xavier Slaughter allegedly robbed a victim of money in the 1100 block of North Circle Drive between Pikes Peak Avenue and Bijou Street.

Less than two miles east, at East Bijou Street and North Murray Boulevard, police say Slaughter approached a vehicle and told the occupants he wanted to take their belongings.

According to police, he then tried to pull the passenger out of the vehicle.

A commotion ensued and the victim was able to get back into the vehicle and close the door as the driver drove off, police said. Slaughter allegedly damaged the vehicle as he drove away.

Slaughter then allegedly demanded money from another person in the 4200 block of East Platte Avenue, near Murray Boulevard, where a McDonald's and Shell gas station are located.

When the victim did not comply with his demands, Slaughter allegedly attacked the victim, forced him to go to the nearby convenience store, pushed him inside, and then turned back to the victim's vehicle, from which he stole several items.

Slaughter was tracked down in the area of ​​east Bijou Street and north Murray Boulevard and arrested after surrendering to dog handler Lofgren and police dog Riggs.