Cryptic teaser for 'Smile 2' opens viral marketing campaign for horror sequel – Punch Drunk critics

Parker Finn caused a stir earlier this week when it was announced that he would be working with Robert Pattinson on a remake of the cult horror classic. possessionBut Finn first has a sequel to the film that made him famous. Smile 2 is still months away, but the hints on social media are already starting to appear with this new preview.

The footage is short, but it features the sequel’s new character, pop star Skye Riley, played by Aladdin Actress Naomi Scott and her new single “Blood in White Satin”. In the style of a music video, it gives insights into the nightmare that awaits us.

Anyone who wants to delve deeper into the crazy world of Smile can head to Skye Riley's Instagram account, where there are more clues, including an announcement of the single's release on June 18th, which will likely be the date of the film's first trailer.

In addition to Scott, the cast includes Kyle Gallner, who reprises his role as Joel from the first film, as well as Rosemarie DeWitt, Lukas Gage, Dylan Gelula, Raúl Castillo and Miles Gutierrez-Riley.

Paramount and the makers of Smile hit the jackpot with viral marketing last time, and the $17 million film grossed $200 million more at the box office.

Smile 2 will be in theaters on October 18th.