Critically acclaimed horror film from a murderer's perspective confirms UK release date

In a Violent Nature has confirmed its UK release date following its critically acclaimed premiere earlier this year.

It has just been announced that the film will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on July 12.

The Canadian horror film is about a masked killer named Johnny who has been brought back from the dead and will stop at nothing to find a medallion. The plot gives him a reason to murder a bunch of teenage campers in the woods, just like in the 1980s classics.

ry barrett, in a violent nature

Pierce Derks/IFC Films/Shudder

In a Violent Nature currently has a strong 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that almost all of the reviews so far have been positive. A common theme in the reviews is that the gimmick of the killers' perspective and the inventively gory murders are reasons to tune in.

Here is what some reviews say:

“The film is full of gruesome murders, but [director Chris] Nash mixes up the details so much (from beheading to drowning to axe throwing) that you never know exactly what will happen next, and the plot never gets boring.”

“In a Violent Nature, a film that feels like an arthouse version of Friday the 13th.thfrom Jason's perspective. It's a bloodbath that does the story justice.”

ry barrett, in a violent naturery barrett, in a violent nature

Pierce Derks/IFC Films/Shudder

“To reinterpret the events almost entirely from the perspective of the undead killer [is] not the only massive change that sets Nash's slasher apart from conventional fare. While In a Violent Nature offers slasher thrills and a gloriously bloody rampage through the wilderness, Nash's approach captures the carnage through ambient realism. The result is a fascinating arthouse horror experiment.”

“Writer-director Chris Nash's first feature film approaches the usual bloody business with a kind of minimalist purity achieved by focusing almost exclusively on the point of view of an unstoppable killing machine.

“It's a move that could easily become monotonous. But this Canadian indie film manages to captivate us and instill a sense of dread, if not outright terror, in the viewer.”

“In a Violent Nature” will be released in UK cinemas on July 12th.

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