The suspect in the Loranger case is the son of a convicted murderer who committed suicide in 1994 after a police chase

DENHAM SPRINGS – On Friday morning, a phone call from her daughter took Virginia Firmin back to the worst time of her life nearly 25 years ago.

“She said, 'Mom, I don't know if I should tell you this or not, but I heard that the guy who kidnapped those two little kids is Kelly Wayne Drott's son.' That's when it all came flooding back,” she said.

When news broke of Daniel Callihan's arrest for the murder of Callie Brunett and her four-year-old daughter, the whole thing was brought back to light when Firmin discovered that he was the son of the man who killed her youngest daughter in 1990.

According to reports, 18-year-old Rebecca Forbes did not return home after attending the Italian Festival in Independence. Her body was found three weeks later.

“She was lying on a pile of sand in the river for three weeks and they were lucky to find her – there wasn't much left of her,” said Firmin.

According to authorities, Forbes met Drott at the festival and got into his car. Drott beat her to death and dumped her body in the Tangipahoa River.

Drott confessed to killing Forbes, but always claimed it was an accident. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, he escaped from his prison in New Orleans and fled with another woman, whom he later shot. During his time on the run, he kidnapped a young girl and later shot himself when police arrived.

“I would describe him as very disturbed. He probably had a very bad childhood,” she said.

Callihan was still a toddler at the time and his relationship with his father is unclear, but he did not take his father's last name.

The crimes he is accused of bear an uncanny resemblance to those of his father and are, for Firmin, an incredible coincidence.

“Did he grow up knowing his father was a murderer and then it turned out he was one too? You know? How can that be?” she asked.

Firmin says that even though it happened in 1990, it still seems like yesterday. And now it's even worse.

“I forgave him, but I haven't forgotten and it was very hard. And it still is.”

Both the woman who shot Drott and the girl who was kidnapped during his escape survived their ordeals.

Callihan is originally from Independence, but his arrest records show his last address as homeless in Brandon, Mississippi.

Drott's 1994 kidnapping victim was Lindsey Michelle Dye, then 17, of Batesville, Mississippi. She was abducted from a convenience store after Drott asked her for directions. She escaped by intentionally destroying his getaway car while he was shooting at pursuing police officers in western Arkansas.

“I stayed as calm as possible and tried not to do anything that would make him nervous,” Dye said after returning home in 1994. “I knew if I made him nervous, he might do something rash.”

Dye said Drott drove off after police spotted him near Dardanelle, Arkansas. She then accelerated and intentionally swerved into a ditch. She said she learned the driving trick in 1994 from her father, an action movie fan.