Man charged with hate crime for attempted murder in pot shop

Investigators believe a 31-year-old man shot and killed a black clerk outside a popular Tacoma marijuana shop in a racially motivated murder. A search of the suspect's cellphone has officials concerned about what else he may have planned.

Dallas Clayton Stevens is behind bars on $750,000 bail.

Stevens is charged with attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and a hate crime.

Surveillance video from May shows a driver – investigators say it is Stevens – pulling up in front of the Zips Cannabis marijuana store on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

Investigators say Stevens spoke briefly with an employee and then randomly opened fire.

Stevens is white and the 27-year-old victim is black.

According to police, the victim was hit in the stomach and now has to use tubes to eat and go to the toilet.

FOX 13 Seattle obtained body camera footage showing Pierce County Sheriff's officers arresting Stevens. In the video, Stevens asks why he is being arrested.

“It was inappropriate. There was nothing that caused the employee to do anything that would have upset him,” said Sergeant Darren Moss of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. “We are very concerned and the prosecutor believes it may have been racially or racially motivated,” he added.

Investigators say they are also concerned about Stevens' search history on his phone.

According to the probable cause documents, Stevens searched for all of these words or phrases:

“Spartan sniper,” “How to place a human tracking device,” “RFID tracker under the skin,” “Strip club,” “List of all school shooters,” “How many school shooters were people of color,” “Sniper range near me,” “Requirements to apply for a foster parent license,” “How to delete my Snapchat,” “Wire chain for dogs,” “Soundproofing,” “Duct tape,” “Naked selfie of cute teen girls,” “Rape statistics from last year,” “FBI proves Obama’s birth certificate was fake,” “Obama is a known terrorist,” and several searches related to a missing teenager.

When arrested, Stevens was carrying brass knuckles and a .40 caliber pistol. The cartridges used in the shooting were the same ones found in Stevens' possession.

Investigators say Stevens is a former military member and surveillance footage shows he is familiar with the use of a firearm.


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