Camila Cabello remembers viral wardrobe error at the Met Gala

Don't believe everything you see on TikTok, people.

Camila Cabello admitted she was afraid of being “canceled” after some users of the app accused her of bringing a $25,000 bag to the Met Gala last month.

During his appearance on the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday, the pop star clarified a few things.

First of all, the viral bag no longer exists because it melted. The material designer Jane Wade used was ice and not the diamond variety.

“It's frozen water,” Cabello explained of the purse, which contained a dried rose from the craft supply site Etsy. “You can make this at home!”

Carrying around a cold clutch that literally disappeared in her hands was no fun.

“I was just stressed!” admitted the “I Luv It” singer.

To top it all off, the bag's strap broke just before the Fifth Harmony fan walked up the museum's famous steps to pose for photos after someone “accidentally moved” it.

“That's the last thing you want: to have a bunch of celebrities watching you have a nervous breakdown,” said the Miami native.

However, in Instagram pictures from the chic event, the 27-year-old looks anything but stressed and poses like a professional.

If certain TikTokers had seen Cabello's caption, their fashion situation would have been: Uhprobably clearer:

“Icy and dripping. Oops.”