The Birthday Murders: Viral marketing website for “Longlegs” launched

NEON has absolutely rocked the marketing for their horror productions this year and they are kicking the Long legs Campaign is in full swing, one month left until release.

A cryptic ad in the Seattle Times (see below) has led clever horror fans to figure out TheBirthdayMurders.netthe brand new official viral marketing website for Long legs.

On the universe's website, the victims of the serial killer Longlegs (Nicholas Cage), described as a “Satan-worshipping psychopath” who has terrorized families throughout the Pacific Northwest for nearly three decades.

The website states: “A bloody trail of bodies here in the great state of Oregon testifies to the depraved cruelty of this unique serial killer. With over three dozen victims of which we know, LONGLEGS is one of the most prolific mass murderers to ever roam the region, and his gruesome enterprises are the stuff of nightmares. At first, all of the killings appeared to be simple murder-suicides: the acts of ordinary men who suddenly went berserk and slaughtered their wives and children. But a series of eerie coded messages left at the crime scenes suggest that someone – or something – influences these gruesome crimes. The cryptic letters are signed by someone who calls himself LONGLEGS.”

“With 38 murders, LONGLEGS destroyed the lives of eleven different families across the Beaver State. His victims were good people: honest fathers, decent mothers, innocent little children.”

The site is full of secrets, clues, and gruesome (fake) crime scene photos, and you might even find a mention of yourself there. Browse around. Stay a while.

Long legs will be in theaters on July 12th.

The upcoming serial killer horror film marks the return of the director Osgood-Perkins (The Black Cloak's Daughter, Gretel and Hansel). Nicholas Cage Stars next to Maika Monroewith Monroe playing an FBI agent and Cage playing a serial killer.

In the film, FBI agent Lee Harker (Monroe) is a gifted rookie assigned to the cold case of an elusive serial killer (Cage). As the case takes complex turns and evidence of the occult comes to light, Harker discovers a personal connection to the merciless killer and must race against time to stop him before he claims the lives of another innocent family.

The film is rated “R” for “bloody violence, disturbing images and certain language.”