The interesting connection between the boys and the acolyte goes viral

The Acolyte is now streaming on Disney+ and Prime Video. The young is back with its fourth season. With both shows currently at the forefront of pop culture, fans have pointed out an interesting connection between the main stars of both series.

Long before The Acolyte And The young were television shows, one of the stars of each show appeared together in the 2012 film The hunger Games. Amanda Stenbergwho plays The Acolyte The twins Mae and Osha played the role of young Rue in the first Hunger Games film, as an ally of Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss. In the meantime The young star Jack Quaidwho plays the hero Hughie Campbell, also has a Hunger Games role as the person who kills Rue with a spearThis connection was pointed out in an X-post that has since gone viral.


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The killing of Stenbergs Rue made Quaid a despised figure among Hunger Games fans for years. In 2022, Stenberg surprised Quaid with a recorded video message in which she joked that she had finally forgiven her co-star after his character skewered hers The hunger Games. She joked that she still feels the pain of the impalement. Quaid gladly accepted her forgiveness, noting that fans were very unhappy with him over the scene.

Amandla Stenberg forgave Jack Quaid for the impalement

“Oh, Jack,” Stenberg said, according to E! News. “It's been so many years. And it's taken me time to recover from it – sometimes I still get a sharp pain in my abdomen and think about the time you murdered me. But we all have our mistakes. And I forgive you.”

Quaid replied, “Yes! Yes! Thank you, Amandla. Oh my God, people have been spitting on me in the street for years.”


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A year earlier, Quaid had made a comment on X about his character killing Rue in response to a fan who had just found out about it. When asked about it, Quaid said, “Oh, shit, that's true. Sorry.” He then pointed out that Katniss avenged Rue very quickly, whatever that means, and apologized again for being the one who killed the fan-favorite character.

“To be honest, I died VERY quickly afterward,” he said, adding that his character had also been manipulated. “I was brainwashed by my luxurious upbringing in District 1. But yes, I am incredibly sorry.”

The Acolyte will be streamed on Disney+ and The young is streaming on Prime Video.

Source: X