Straight man who 'accidentally' stumbled upon WeHo Pride goes viral after staying 'for the vibe'

(Photo: @stanchriss)

A straight man enjoying himself at WeHo Pride a few weeks ago has gone viral online and was praised for his relaxed attitude to the event. Now, it turns out that the man in question is well-known in Australia for his time on Bachelorette Australia.

We've featured Twinky content creator Chris Stanley (StanChris) before. He participated in the WeHo Pride Parade on June 2nd and filmed himself conducting vox pops with the participants.

He asked a man named Timm about his sexuality and seemed surprised when the man said he was “heterosexual.”

“I have a wife and child,” Timm added.

“What are you doing at Pride?” asked Chris.

“We're just back from Australia. It's our second day here. Second day in America and we're just over [the parade] and I'm only here because of the atmosphere,” explained Timm.

“We love it. We absolutely love it,” he continued.

Chris asked, “Do you think the gays can throw a good party?”

“Damn oath. One hundred percent. Nobody can do it better,” Timm replied.

Chris then asked, “How does it feel when a gay guy flirts with you?”

“Oh, I like that,” Timm replies. “Let's say I'm walking down the street and a gay guy looks at me. That's just as good as a girl looking at me. That counts. That's just as good for my ego as a hot girl looking at me. Not that that's why I'm here. You just have to accept it, you know?”

People praise Timm

The video has been viewed over 130,000 times since it was posted on Instagram a few days ago and has received thousands of comments, with many saying they found Timm's attitude refreshing for a straight man.

“This is what relaxed and confident masculinity really looks like 😌✨,” was one of the most popular comments.

“Can Tim and his wife stay in the US and teach the men here how to be better?” said another.

“This guy has charisma and I love him. We need more straight guys with his mindset,” said one commenter on YouTube.

“I need a t-shirt that says 'Stumbled into Pride but stayed for the vibe,'” said a third person.

Timm himself responded via his Instagram account with the words: “Hahahahaaha, I didn’t think this interview would make it, but here we go.”


It turned out that Timm Hanly was there The Bachelorette in Australia in 2019. He then performed Bachelor in Paradise in 2020. Although he got together with someone on that show, their relationship started to falter.

He then reunited with his former girlfriend, Briana De La Motte. They are now married and have a nine-month-old daughter named Harper.

We know there is a lot of debate about straight people invading gay spaces. Few people welcome hen parties in gay bars, for example. However, tourists stumbling upon Pride parades by accident is somewhat inevitable. We believe most gay people don't mind, as long as they have Timm's relaxed attitude.

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