Evidence shows Sebring killer went from fantasy to murder

A chilling chronology of evidence revealed the mind of a killer leading up to the mass murder at a Sebring bank.

A note on Zephen Xaver's phone describes the voices he heard in his head and how much he loved death and destruction.

The evidence was presented in court on Friday as jurors decided whether Xaver would live or die for the executions of five women in a Sebring bank.

Investigators discovered a shocking trail of data on Xaver's phone, and every trace revealed Xaver's urge to kill, hours, weeks and even months before the brutal murder of five women.

With a stony face and a seemingly bored expression, Xaver sat with his head in his hands while the relatives of the five women he had shot shared their grief with him.

But what drove him to kill the women? The state had Sebring Police Lt. Jeffery Reinhart testify about how Xaver's phone helped create a chronology that stretched back to public chat rooms discussing murder and serial killers.

The state also pointed to text messages to deceased friends saying he would soon see them again in hell.

The most shocking detail was probably a note on Xaver's phone, which investigators believe could have been written six months before the shooting.

“My voices are me and I am them. My body aches in agony. And finally, at the very end, my heart races because I crave the taste of blood that comes with it. I live in chaos and it gives me hope. Without chaos, my chest aches like I'm trying to put a puzzle together. I don't belong. I can't help what I love, and I love to see death begin. I wonder what it's like to really kill,” Reinhart, the case agent, recited while on the witness stand.

We will probably never know why Xaver killed the five women. What we do know, however, is that their relatives will never be the same again.

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